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When it comes to auto body repair shops, not all shops are created equally. Training, tools, parts suppliers, and equipment can vary from shop to shop. Choosing the right shop can make a difference in how your vehicle is repaired, and what tools and parts are used to repair it.

Different manufacturers build vehicles differently. In order to maintain original manufacturing quality, the repair shop you choose to work with needs to be up to Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) standards.

There are many different OEM certification programs in effect today. The requirements for certification in each program can vary. However, the result is the same: OEM certified shops will use repair parts made by the original manufacturer, not aftermarket parts.

Many OEM certification programs also require training on-site at the manufacturing property, or training with the tools that the manufacturer uses.

Why Should I Choose an OEM Certified Body Shop?

There are several reasons to choose an OEM certified body shop! These shops are guaranteed to use OEM certified parts, so your repaired vehicle will have the same exact parts as your original vehicle.

OEM certified shops have been through an OEM certification program.

While there are some differences between these certification programs, any certified shop has been through a program. These certifications can range from annual fees and a stipulation that all parts are purchased from an the manufacturer, or, they may require expensive training and on-site visits from a dealer or manufacturer.
These programs can be expensive, so any shop who has been through it has invested. The more thorough the program, the more the shop has invested in providing OEM parts to its customers.

The certifications also need to be renewed, so they aren’t something that new auto-body employees can get around, and they aren’t a one time thing. Shops need to commit and stay on top of renewals.

Original Parts mean Original Standards

The auto industry is under increasing pressure to meet higher and higher standards regarding safety, quality, environmentally friendly practices, and more. In order for your repaired vehicle to meet these same standards, it needs to be fixed with OEM parts.

Rather than waiting on OEM parts at a shop that isn’t certified, choosing to work with an OEM certified shop means that they already have processes in place for obtaining OEM parts, using the right tools in the correct way, and repairing your vehicle to the same standards as the manufacturer.