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Category Archives : Education

Collision Repair Parts Terms

When you’re having your car repaired after a collision, there are bound to be a lot of auto parts related terms thrown around. We’ve put together a list to help you understand some of them that are less common outside of the collision repair world. Aftermarket Parts – Replacement parts for a vehicle that were […]

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Collision Damage 101

Introduction to Collision Damage When your vehicle has been in an accident and you take it to the repair shop, your repair technicians have a system for inspecting it for damage. While the system can vary a little depending on the shop you go to and the car you drive, there are a few specific […]

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Collision Repair Education

Have you ever wondered what qualifies a repair technician to fix your car? The truth is, every repair technician has an education, but much of what they do is learned on the job, and through certain certifications the repair shop can qualify for. Basic Education Requirements High school diploma – as with most jobs in […]

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