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Category Archives : Car Care Tips

Green Car Tips for an Eco-Friendly Driver

Whether your car is old or new, built to be green or not, we can all make our vehicles and our driving habits a little more eco-friendly. If you’re trying to minimize your footprint, these are a few things you can do without giving up your car or shelling out for a new hybrid or […]

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Car Interior Cleaning Basics

When it’s time to change the oil in your car or you need to have the muffler replaced or you’ve been in an accident, there are tons of things to consider, from where to have the work done to what kind of parts to use to how the repairs or upkeep will affect the value […]

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Summer Driving and Car Care Tips

Before you get on the road during a rainy spring or summer, there are several things you can do to ensure that your vehicle is in the best shape possible. Keeping an eye on things like your tires, lights, mirrors, and windows can help prevent a collision before it happens so you can avoid injuries […]

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